Monday, January 20, 2014

this weekend

i made a lot of progress on the new sewing room this weekend. dismantled the bed and brought the old uncomfortable mattress and boxspring to the dump, and cleaned everything out of there that had to go! one big bag of clothes to the dump, and one big bag of clothes to the thrift shop. now i am ready to set things up. i'm looking for a work table and i'd like to get a set of drawers as well. i have the perfect dresser in mind, pale yellow with some chipping paint and glass knobs. *sigh* good luck finding that! too bad there are no flea markets this time of year!

we had perfect cotton candy snow on saturday, so so pretty! AND one of the chickens layed the first egg in months. yay!

the patriots lost. oh well! i have tried to be a sports fan, but it just isn't me. brian took it a lot better than i thought he would.  at least now there's no pressure in the superbowl!

while i was uploading these photos i finished a sudoku! do you do those?? a friend gave me a sudoku-a-day calendar-those things are not easy! my father whips them off like nobody's business, but i really struggle, so i was very proud of myself to finish one.

that's the weekend wrap-up! happy monday to you!


  1. hello and happy tuesday! you do have a pretty house and it looks so cosy. we have had no snow at all this winter which is a bit sad.
    that little fisherman lamp you show is exactly the same as a carved statuette we had- where did that get to ? - we bought it on holiday once at Whitby on the north yorkshire coast. it was a long time ago and it seems odd to see it again and so far away. i wonder who made them all...
    i am sorry to say that i have never heard of the patriots and that i don't know what superbowl is either ! i have lived with 5 men, sons and husband i hasten to add, and it's all football and cricket in this house. sons are mostly grown and flown and my husband died suddenly a few years ago, but i find i can still answer an awful lot of quiz questions on sport even though i really,really dislike any form of sports. i think i absorbed it through my skin !
    i cannot do sudoku either, mental maths block, but i love a tough cryptic crossword in fact most word puzzles, and pay silly money for the daily telegraph every day to get my fix.
    your sewing room idea sounds good, if a load of work ! spring must be on the way by the way you are clearing and cleaning ! well done you! looking forward to seeing the finished results if you want to show them off
    happy furniture hunting x

  2. Lovely photos, your home looks so nice and cosy. We've not had any snow here yet this winter. I'd like some!