Wednesday, November 28, 2012

put a bird on it 2

another visit with my favorite book, "birds of america", published in 1917. today, the chickadee!

"In winter especially, the Chickadee is the feathered small boy of the woods.  Like the Nuthatches and the Kinglets, frequently his companions, the Chickadee seems actually to enjoy a snowstorm, and announces the fact by language and actions the meaning of which are unmistakable.  In the bitterest weather he frolics and frisks from tree to tree, happy and care-free, laughing and joking.  Mr. Burroughs says that "the Chickadee has a voice full of unspeakable tenderness and fidelity", which is very faithful to the spirit of the utterance from which the bird is named.  This call is often abbreviated by the omission of the first two syllables, but the resulting dee, dee, dee , is a very sweet and pleasing little greeting."

though you may not always see them, if you stop for a moment, and listen, you will know that they are always there. the sweetest of all sweet creatures.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

frosty moon

tomorrow night is the full moon. i love that every full moon has a name, and tomorrow's is the "full beaver moon". this name comes from the fact that beavers are busy now getting ready for winter, and also from the fact that trappers would set beaver traps  before the swamps froze so that they would have warm furs for the winter. it is also called the "frosty moon". i like this name better.


remember, a stopped clock is right two times a day!

Monday, November 26, 2012

socks and picked-up-ed-ness

the craft fair yesterday was a great success! so many people attended and it was so much fun! now i can relax and do things like: reading!! i do like getting ready for a fair, but there's a lot of making the same thing over and over. it will be nice to work on new projects!

i have to say that RARELY is the dining room uncluttered enough to photograph...that table is usually heaped with the daily accumulations: mail, keys,, i thought i should take advantage of the neatness and take a few pictures!

i always have a pair of socks going in my knitting bag. they are the perfect project to have on hand-mindless knitting for the most part until you reach the thrill of the heel! then it's smooth sailing on down to the toe! i enjoyed making these cable socks-a bit more interesting than my usual "go-to" ribbed pattern.

i got the beautiful tin box at a yard sale this summer-i love it!

happy monday to you!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

loose ends

still feeling lazy after a lovely thanksgiving, but i have a lot of finishing up to do for CRAFT FIX on sunday.

zippy's and project bags are finished.

weaving in the ends on all  my little crocheted trees...

laying out the garlands (i need to make more of these!!)

thinking about my table layout....

oh geez, and i still have to make a bunch of these gift tags!

i had better go get busy!!

hope you can make it this sunday november 25th-CRAFT FIX at BUOY in kittery, maine, 10-5!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

pies pies pies

the bakery has been busy, busy, busy! now a few days off !!

happy thanksgiving to everyone!

sweet emily

badass baker boys

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

brian's studio part 2

here are a few more images from brian's studio before i go to bed for the busiest day of the year at the bakery tomorrow. pies, pies, pies....i hope you've enjoyed this look at brian's art!

Monday, November 19, 2012

brian's studio part 1

this weekend i spent some time in brian's studio, and i thought you might like a little tour. here we go!

there are so many cool and interesting things to see, so tomorrow i will have part 2 of the tour! in the meantime if you would like to see even more, please visit

Saturday, November 17, 2012

birthday cake for breakfast

birthday cake for breakfast!!!

thanks to all who made my birthday so special~~~xo

Friday, November 16, 2012

it's friday!

a while back, a friend of mine bought a new, very old house. one day she opened a drawer and found in it a piece of antique flowered linen, which she so kindly gave to me! it was really hard for me to cut into it, but i finally did and made this nice pillow for the bed! thank you maryka!!!

warm quilt on the bed. warm cat on the bed. we are ready for the long winter nights ahead!

p.s. happy birthday to me! ( egads! that is one SERIOUSLY filthy mirror..............i say that like i'm surprised!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

coptic book binding

the other day i decided to make a new blank book. i sewed it together using the coptic binding method. there is a good instructional video here.

for the book covers i like to use old reader's digests. they had some beautiful designs.

you can use an assortment of different papers to make it more interesting!

i lined the insides of the covers with pages from an old french text book.

if you are lucky you have a nice brother who is a librarian and can get you these little sleeves from discarded library books! ( hi andy! )

then you can stick interesting things in them-photos, ticket stubs, poker money! this is a picture of my great grandparents.

these beauties are next! if you are interested in making one of these books, they really are not hard. they just take a bit of practice, especially getting the tension right with your sewing.

it's fun to make things-i really am happiest when i'm working on a project. anything! it just feels good to make something with your own two hands!