Saturday, November 30, 2013


craft fix is tomorrow!!! i am DONE making things-yippeeeee!! now i just have to work on my table set-up and load the car.

hope to see some of you there! most of my items this year are UNDER $20. WOW!

can't wait!

Friday, November 29, 2013

happy thanksgiving!

thanksgiving is truly my favorite holiday. i love getting out the fancy china and setting the table. i don't so much enjoy the cleaning, but i do love the clean house. so nice to spend time with wonderful family and friends. sad not to be with family who couldn't make it this year. and the food!!!

we got up early yesterday and started right in. we were feeling so ahead of the game when we lost power about three hours into cooking the turkey...that's fine, we thought. we still have gas. it will be very romantic to dine by candlelight!  but then we were noticing that we weren't hearing the oven cycling. the burners still worked, but i guess there is a safety feature that shuts down the oven. great! fortunately the power was restored about 45 minutes later and all was fine.

i forgot to take pictures of the food in all of the excitement, but i did get an after picture that kind of says it all :) !

hope you all enjoyed your thanksgiving day!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

new socks

i finished these a while back.

wore them for the first time the other day.

they are bright.

Monday, November 18, 2013


hi! i am excited to show you my new set of postcards called "cat and quilts" starring my furry friend, violet!  she loves snuggling up on all of the quilts and crocheted blankets around here, and i got some nice photos of her in the act!

i'll have these for sale at the craft fair, individually and in sets of five. the sets are bundled in wraps made with sweet vintage fabrics and  ric-rac trim.

i have also dusted the cobwebs off of  my long neglected etsy shop, and you can find them there now! if you live outside the united states, please leave me a message here or on etsy and i will be happy to find the shipping cost for your location.

thanks to everyone who reads my blog and leaves such nice comments! i love knowing you're out there!

happy monday!

**note** the colors are best represented in the very first photo. thanks!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

pinecone garlands

this weekend's craft fair job was stringing pinecone garlands!

i made lots and looooots of garlands ( in between birthday celebrations, which were so much fun!!) i have been making these strings of pinecones and putting them around the house for a long time and always thought they'd be good to sell at craft fairs, but they become a tangled mess so easily. this year the lightbulb finally went off, and i realized that i should wrap them around a card, like christmas lights. duh!

so i made a little card and printed a sweet fabric onto card stock to wind them on. i found that awesome tin for displaying them down in the basement/vintage stuff museum...i'm really thinking about my displays this year-it makes a big difference when the table looks great.

so, now onto the next craft fair job. not much time left!

thanks to all of my family and friends that made my birthday so happy! xo

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

bags for sale


my sewing weekend resulted in a  bunch of bags for the craft fair, which i should be posting some information about, right?! i will get that up soon, but can say now that it will take place on sunday, december 1st at buoy in kittery, maine. i believe the hours are 10-5!

i made some zip bags using my favorite echino fabric with the deer and flowers, and a few with a heavy olive green canvas paired with some sweet vintage fabrics and heavy zippers. see that  letter fabric at the top? that is one of brian's collages put onto fabric. how cool is that??

then the other day i found that super adorable christmas fabric and thought it would make some great reusable gift bags. anything with deer on it and i'm in!

damn cold out there today! i went up to the woods this afternoon to collect another bag full of pinecones in case it snows tonight. i do love snow!

happy hump day!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


whew! that was quite a blog break! i wish i could say that i've wisely spent my time working on things for my upcoming ( and SOON!) craft fair, but i've been procrastinating as are some photos of what i have been doing:

  • been walking in the woods with my buddy. here he is wearing his harness jauntily askew!
  • collecting lots of pinecones for a soon-to-be-revealed project.
  • went to cape cod for a "girl cousins' weekend". man, the beach there is so beautiful. it was hard to tell the sea from the sky, and then later there was the most spectacular sunset!
  • and now, the craft crunch is on! spent this weekend sewing, sewing, sewing!
glad to be back to blogland!! happy sunday!