Monday, November 18, 2013


hi! i am excited to show you my new set of postcards called "cat and quilts" starring my furry friend, violet!  she loves snuggling up on all of the quilts and crocheted blankets around here, and i got some nice photos of her in the act!

i'll have these for sale at the craft fair, individually and in sets of five. the sets are bundled in wraps made with sweet vintage fabrics and  ric-rac trim.

i have also dusted the cobwebs off of  my long neglected etsy shop, and you can find them there now! if you live outside the united states, please leave me a message here or on etsy and i will be happy to find the shipping cost for your location.

thanks to everyone who reads my blog and leaves such nice comments! i love knowing you're out there!

happy monday!

**note** the colors are best represented in the very first photo. thanks!


  1. What a cute idea....your yellow house is delicious!

  2. Serioulsy - how cute is your cat???!! It's a great idea to capture his/her love for your quilts in postcards. Adorable.

    1. hi lisa-she's a she :) thank you for reading my blog!!