Wednesday, May 28, 2014

sitting here in a wool sweater!

hi! just checking in to say hello on this chilly chilly may day!!  will. not. turn. on. heat!

i've been enjoying every minute of this spring, which has seemed long and lingering. i never like to rush this greening growing season. too often there are a couple of lovely weeks and then, bam! 90 degrees! not my favorite! i'll take this cool weather a bit longer any time! 

only 4 days left of my crochet project. i'll miss it, but maybe i'll get more blogging done when it's over!

remembering the incredible life of maya angelou today. such an amazing and inspiring woman!


Monday, May 19, 2014


this past friday brian and i both took the day off from work and went to brimfield, mass. to the BIG antiques fair. it was really fun despite the drizzly weather. i didn't get many photos in the rain, but i HAD to get one of this adorable little camper with its crocheted tire cover! how cute is that!?!?! if i had a spare tire on my camper i would certainly be working on a crocheted cover as we speak!

we didn't get many things, but i found these aqua pillowcases that are about the best pillowcases i've ever seen! i loooove them!

violet likes them too. is that a little claw i see stuck into my pillow, naughty kitty!! claws and crochet do not mix!

happy monday!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


boy, it's been a while! i've been taking a lot of pictures and posting them over on instagram (@roscorichmond) and neglecting this space horribly...sorry!!!

for this month of may i have been joining kate over at her beautiful blog foxs lane with her crochet and meditation project. her thought was to crochet one motif a day while taking time for yourself and meditating on something you feel grateful for, and then posting each one on instagram at #motifdaymay for everyone to see.  such a fun and inspiring endeavor!!

instead of making single motifs which i couldn't think of a use for, i decided to make mine very small and use them to cover beach stones. i've seen these on line and always loved them, so figuring the whole thing out has been very exciting! i also made a few pieces for garlands to give my hands a break from that tiny crochet. i've  really enjoyed photographing each one almost as much as making them. here are a few shots.

 so that's what i've been up to. how about you?????

go over to instagram #motifdaymay and see all of the beautiful crochet that's goin' on!

happy sunday to you!