Wednesday, February 26, 2014

cupboard close-up!

my new cupboard is ready for its' moment to shine! i have given it a good scrubbing and filled it up with fabrics and some of my favorite decorating and craft books. it really is the perfect cupboard. three shelves up top, two small drawers, one larger drawer and two doors on the bottom hide two more big shelves. seems like a lot of room, doesn't it, but i think i'll be filling it to capacity in no time! it does fit just perfectly there under the eave. i love it!

i have been making some good progress on my sweater(however, i could be making ill-fitting progress ...time will tell!)  i've been kind of happy that we are back to a cold snap so rosco doesn't want an afternoon walk and i can come home and sit and knit. i have been obsessively watching "house of cards", AND the final episodes of "breaking bad" have just come out on netflix, so i have plenty to watch whilst i knit! i love really getting into a series. do you have any that you like for me to start when i'm done with these???

happy hump day!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

new project!

i walked into the yarn shop the other day, and my friend who works there was wearing this sweater which looked great, so i said "i'm going to knit that!"

i came home and downloaded the pattern on ravelry and i have started it! i have not knit myself a sweater in over twenty years. the last time i knit myself a sweater i said never again!!! i'm always of the opinion that too big is better than too small, so i make these huge floppy sweaters that i don't like, or when it's done i just don't like it for any number of other since then i have stuck to hats, mittens, socks and kids' things. pretty safe.  but  i measured a sweater that i like the fit of and hopefully i will have better luck this time! i also think that since this is a cardigan i may have a bit more leeway with the fit. we'll see!!!!! oh, the yarn i'm using is cascade 220, a good, basic, fairly soft wool.

i also spent some time yesterday rearranging my sewing room.  after these photos were taken i went out to an antique store and finally found a nice cupboard which i will be sure to show you once i get some pictures! every weekend i've been going to shops looking for a cupboard, so i'm glad to finally have found one. and, now there's a bit of SUN, so i can take photos! we've had the craziest weather lately. TONS of gorgeous snow, followed very quickly by tons of not-so-gorgeous rain......yuck! and this weekend it's been warm enough to go out in just a sweater, this after such a loooong stretch of single digit temperatures. 

i hope you're all enjoying your weekend. happy sunday!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


we are getting positively hammered this winter with snow! as i write this it is coming down quite heavily, and i'm glad to be inside on the couch watching from the window.  tomorrow morning there will be some shoveling to do though...the other day we got a bit of freezing rain which coated all of the tree branches and as the sun set, it illuminated the tips of those little branches like they were on fire! it was just gorgeous! my pictures really don't do it justice.

brian and i were both out sick yesterday with a cold/flu...yuck! i'm  much better today but brian's still down. i spent most of the day in bed, which i think is why i got over it so fast. sleep, sleep, sleep!

rosco has been playing the "senile" card lately with a few "accidents" in the house. his preferred place to pee is here:

yes, on my rug......aaarrrrrggghhhhh!! at least i can attest to the fact that you can wash these rugs over and over and over and they do guess is that he knows full well what he is doing and just doesn't want to go out in the snow that is almost over his little head now. good thing i love that dog!!

hope you're all well and having a great week!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

instagram LOVE

this is huge!!!  i have discovered (with brian's help :) ) how to put my ipad photos onto my computer, so now i can share them here!!

i have been sort of obsessed with instagram lately. yes, obsessed, so i am going to have a new blog feature from time to time called "instagram LOVE" where i will post a few photos. i like taking pictures but don't always have  a story to go along with them, so this will be just pictures, just because.

here is my first installment! i hope you are having a great saturday!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

sunday snowshoeing

yesterday was the most beautiful day so i went snowshoeing out at the hamilton house.

it was so quiet and peaceful, and i spent a long time standing in the warm sun at the edge of the river listening to the ice cracking. for some reason the sound is particularly good there, some very dramatic splashes of ice into the water!

i also went to several antique shops looking for a cabinet for my sewing room, but no luck. my hand-quilting is going well, but yesterday i broke two needles! geez!

happy monday to you all!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

x and + quilt top finished!

what with my new sewing room(!!!!!), i have been sewing every night and finished all of the blocks for my x and + quilt on thursday. yay!  so, yesterday morning i got up bright and early and laid out the squares. i'm glad i had the foresight to ask brian to help me move the little couch on friday night so i'd be ready to go. there's no room to lay out a big quilt in this house without moving furniture :)

six hours later everything was together! lighting conditions were not good for photographs, but i took them anyway. there is another third of the quilt folded over the clothes line. it's pretty big!  once again, i'm not sure how i feel about this quilt-it's such a hodgepodge of fabrics, but i do love scrappy quilts. it will grow on me!

someone does seem to like it already, right violet?

happy super bowl sunday! i really don't care who wins, but i like peyton manning so i guess i'll root for the broncos. go broncos!!