Sunday, February 23, 2014

new project!

i walked into the yarn shop the other day, and my friend who works there was wearing this sweater which looked great, so i said "i'm going to knit that!"

i came home and downloaded the pattern on ravelry and i have started it! i have not knit myself a sweater in over twenty years. the last time i knit myself a sweater i said never again!!! i'm always of the opinion that too big is better than too small, so i make these huge floppy sweaters that i don't like, or when it's done i just don't like it for any number of other since then i have stuck to hats, mittens, socks and kids' things. pretty safe.  but  i measured a sweater that i like the fit of and hopefully i will have better luck this time! i also think that since this is a cardigan i may have a bit more leeway with the fit. we'll see!!!!! oh, the yarn i'm using is cascade 220, a good, basic, fairly soft wool.

i also spent some time yesterday rearranging my sewing room.  after these photos were taken i went out to an antique store and finally found a nice cupboard which i will be sure to show you once i get some pictures! every weekend i've been going to shops looking for a cupboard, so i'm glad to finally have found one. and, now there's a bit of SUN, so i can take photos! we've had the craziest weather lately. TONS of gorgeous snow, followed very quickly by tons of not-so-gorgeous rain......yuck! and this weekend it's been warm enough to go out in just a sweater, this after such a loooong stretch of single digit temperatures. 

i hope you're all enjoying your weekend. happy sunday!


  1. I love that sweater! I made the toddler version of that pattern for Ayla. I can't wiait to see your finished project.

  2. hi erin!! i hope it turns out well...nice to hear from you!!!!!

  3. i saw your comment over at cozy house blog and i so agree with you. i have given up making any clothes at all for myself, knitted or sewn because 1. they never fit properly and 2. it takes me so long i am sick of the thing by the time it's done ! i am not a knitting whiz and now stick to baby things, socks and shawls. little things !
    however, i think you can do it and that that looks like a nice cardigan ! so when can we expect to see you in it ???
    your sewing room is looking good, it looks a lovely light and bright room, or is that still snow reflections ?
    good luck with your knitting x

  4. Hi Susan! That's funny that you saw my comment over there! I wish I could say you'll see the finished product soon, but I'm not as fast as Kristen. Isn't she amazing?? Thanks for your comment! Always nice to hear from you!