Wednesday, February 26, 2014

cupboard close-up!

my new cupboard is ready for its' moment to shine! i have given it a good scrubbing and filled it up with fabrics and some of my favorite decorating and craft books. it really is the perfect cupboard. three shelves up top, two small drawers, one larger drawer and two doors on the bottom hide two more big shelves. seems like a lot of room, doesn't it, but i think i'll be filling it to capacity in no time! it does fit just perfectly there under the eave. i love it!

i have been making some good progress on my sweater(however, i could be making ill-fitting progress ...time will tell!)  i've been kind of happy that we are back to a cold snap so rosco doesn't want an afternoon walk and i can come home and sit and knit. i have been obsessively watching "house of cards", AND the final episodes of "breaking bad" have just come out on netflix, so i have plenty to watch whilst i knit! i love really getting into a series. do you have any that you like for me to start when i'm done with these???

happy hump day!!


  1. I love love love your cupboard!!! I've been searching for one just like this, but haven't found the right one yet. Yours is a real find, love the handles.

  2. Your cupboard is darling! Absolutely perfect for your room. Just love everything about it. Congratulations!