Tuesday, April 30, 2013

deal of the century!

i found this quilt at the flea market on sunday! it is more of a coverlet, i guess you would say, than a quilt, as it is not quilted or tied, just sewed across a few times with a sewing machine. nevertheless, it is quite pretty and in nearly perfect shape!

the fabric is kind of curious. as you can see in the third photo, strips of, i guess, trim have been sewed onto solid fabric. OR, is there fabric like this?? i can't really imagine doing all of that work sewing on trim when you could just use a patterned fabric. anyway!

SO! it was priced at $17. yes, that's right. $17. as i was looking at it, the guy said "how about $15"? i couldn't not get it! wow!

deal of the century!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

a great day at the flea market!!

kitten playing cards!!!

i hope you're not sick of bird pictures, because i found two more beautiful bird books! maybe this is my summer of bird books!

next up, kitchen ware! i love this great casserole dish, and i collect these stripey glasses!

and best for last! for some reason i HAD to have this little cement frog-it is soooooo charming, in a kind of sad, sweet way. (insert rolling of brian's eyes here). here he is!

there is one more thing, but i'm saving it for a post of it's own.

happy monday!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

pink moon

tonight's full moon is called the "pink moon", named for the herb moss pink or wild ground phlox, an early spring flower.

it has also been referred to as the "sprouting grass moon" and the "egg moon". 

hear that chickens?? get layin'!

happy full moon thursday!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

pretty pastel style

i got  a new book!

i don't know if you've seen selina lake's last book. but it is so, so, so, good. one of my absolute favorite decorating books! i was interested in this new book, but wasn't sure how i would like it, being pastels and all. i do like pastels, but i was afraid it would be too frilly. BUT, it's not! i really like this book!

check out this sweet kitchen! and the smeg! the SMEG! if i had a million dollars, the first thing i would buy is a smeg. they are so cute!!

do these look familiar?? not mine, but i wish they were! it's funny how they have put them upside down in this photo, at least what i consider to be upside down. i wonder if that was intentional??

i do love this cupboard. in my little dream studio i will have one just like this for all of my yarn. dream on.......

so, i give this book a big thumbs up! happy wednesday!

Monday, April 22, 2013

what i like

this is what i like to read (but don't read that first book. it's depressing!)

this is what i like to listen to!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


i put the spring quilt on the bed yesterday, and violet jumped right up in a very posing sort of mood. so we had a little photo shoot! she's looking good!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


this is bloodroot, one of my favorite flowers, and early to emerge in the spring! one of it's most charming characteristics is that it closes up at night, and its' leaf wraps back up around the closed flower, keeping it safe! so so pretty!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

a sea of blue

this is the back yard of the historic governor john langdon house in portsmouth, nh.

every year at this time i have to stop by and soak in the beauty of the sea of blooming scilla! this is how i want my yard to look!! i'll be lucky if i ever live that long!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

thrift store score!

we went to a local thrift store on saturday, and i saw these lovely plates. since i have more lovely plates than you can shake a stick at, i passed them by, even though they were cheap, cheap, cheap! i was regretting my decision, and needless to say, i returned to the shop a couple of days later and picked up a couple. there were more, but i showed rare restraint and only got two! they look quite pretty with my chicken tablecloth!

a very warm day here, and seemingly overnight (perhaps literally overnight), so many flowers came up in the gardens! my very favorite, bloodroot, is up, and when i can get some good photos i will certainly post them!

still trying to process the horrible event(s) of this week.......i believe there is evil in this world, but i also believe that GOOD will prevail.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

scilla time!

i pulled a bunch of fabrics for a new quilt i'm thinking about. i'm not sure what pattern i'm going to use for this one. i have always been a big fan of the 4" square. just random 4" squares. i don't like a quilt to be too matchy. but i'm thinking about finding a different design...we'll see. i may just stick with my squares!

we went for a walk yesterday and came upon a beautiful patch of scilla, which is one of my favorite flowers! when we bought our house, one of the first things i did was plant about a million scilla bulbs hoping to have a yard covered with them, eventually. i'm thinking that "eventually" is actually decades. decades and decades. it's so nice to see huge patches of them, and i know of a couple.

enjoy your sunday!

Friday, April 12, 2013

gloomy gloomy gloomy

grey and gloomy, gloomy and grey. and today with the extra added bonus of rain, HAIL, and sleet! blah!

i took a "mental health" day off yesterday. i think i need to do this more often...it was very relaxing! i laid in bed and read for part of the morning, went out for breakfast, and came home and watched 5 hours straight of "sons of anarchy" and crocheted.  that show is good, but man oh man, SUPER violent and bloody! wow! i can't wait to watch more!

this weekend i hope to get to the flea market and maybe do some sewing .i also saw a yard sale sign up-yay! also, i have to do my taxes...yes, i'm one of those people.......

happy happy friday!!!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

margaret's house

i was at  my friend margaret's house the other day. she and her husband, glen, have a wonderful sense of style, and their house is an eclectic mix of crazy and classic, weird and whimsical! everywhere you look there's something interesting to see. it feels like a cool art and kitsch-filled museum! i thought i'd give you a little tour. so fun!!