Wednesday, April 24, 2013

pretty pastel style

i got  a new book!

i don't know if you've seen selina lake's last book. but it is so, so, so, good. one of my absolute favorite decorating books! i was interested in this new book, but wasn't sure how i would like it, being pastels and all. i do like pastels, but i was afraid it would be too frilly. BUT, it's not! i really like this book!

check out this sweet kitchen! and the smeg! the SMEG! if i had a million dollars, the first thing i would buy is a smeg. they are so cute!!

do these look familiar?? not mine, but i wish they were! it's funny how they have put them upside down in this photo, at least what i consider to be upside down. i wonder if that was intentional??

i do love this cupboard. in my little dream studio i will have one just like this for all of my yarn. dream on.......

so, i give this book a big thumbs up! happy wednesday!

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  1. you know, i was a bit wary to do a google search of"SMEG", but i'm glad i did! adorable!!!