Monday, April 8, 2013

opening day!! (no, not baseball, the flea market!)

sunday was opening day of the flea market at todd farm in rowley, mass. i brought my camera intending to take lots of pictures, but i was waaaaaaaay too busy shopping to think about pictures! there were tons of vendors and tons of shoppers, and it was a gorgeous day. so much fun! here are some of the things i got!

some beautiful bits of vintage fabric and notions!!

i made a bee-line for this tin when i saw it! i love anything plaid, and i love cute tins/boxes. so, the guy said "you can have it for $5, and take all the stuff inside!" i was thrilled and didn't really look at the contents til later when i found...

super adorable vintage christmas ornaments!!!!! made me think of barbara.

i got these two "nature library" books published in 1926 and in excellent condition. not even smelly! they are FULL of beautiful, vibrant color plates:

a very successful day at the flea market! (now where will i put all of this stuff............)


  1. ooh, notions! Seriously, the books look especially cool...

  2. Oh, man alive, I love everything you got! The nature books, the sewing, the tin - not to mention what was inside! I love that you thought of me!

  3. wow, what treasures! I love the print of fox. looks a bit lonesome.