Tuesday, April 30, 2013

deal of the century!

i found this quilt at the flea market on sunday! it is more of a coverlet, i guess you would say, than a quilt, as it is not quilted or tied, just sewed across a few times with a sewing machine. nevertheless, it is quite pretty and in nearly perfect shape!

the fabric is kind of curious. as you can see in the third photo, strips of, i guess, trim have been sewed onto solid fabric. OR, is there fabric like this?? i can't really imagine doing all of that work sewing on trim when you could just use a patterned fabric. anyway!

SO! it was priced at $17. yes, that's right. $17. as i was looking at it, the guy said "how about $15"? i couldn't not get it! wow!

deal of the century!!!

1 comment:

  1. That is just gorgeous. It sure looks like that trim was sewn on (and you're right, that would be a LOT of work!)