Friday, April 12, 2013

gloomy gloomy gloomy

grey and gloomy, gloomy and grey. and today with the extra added bonus of rain, HAIL, and sleet! blah!

i took a "mental health" day off yesterday. i think i need to do this more was very relaxing! i laid in bed and read for part of the morning, went out for breakfast, and came home and watched 5 hours straight of "sons of anarchy" and crocheted.  that show is good, but man oh man, SUPER violent and bloody! wow! i can't wait to watch more!

this weekend i hope to get to the flea market and maybe do some sewing .i also saw a yard sale sign up-yay! also, i have to do my taxes...yes, i'm one of those people.......

happy happy friday!!!!!

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