Wednesday, April 17, 2013

thrift store score!

we went to a local thrift store on saturday, and i saw these lovely plates. since i have more lovely plates than you can shake a stick at, i passed them by, even though they were cheap, cheap, cheap! i was regretting my decision, and needless to say, i returned to the shop a couple of days later and picked up a couple. there were more, but i showed rare restraint and only got two! they look quite pretty with my chicken tablecloth!

a very warm day here, and seemingly overnight (perhaps literally overnight), so many flowers came up in the gardens! my very favorite, bloodroot, is up, and when i can get some good photos i will certainly post them!

still trying to process the horrible event(s) of this week.......i believe there is evil in this world, but i also believe that GOOD will prevail.


  1. Nice find!

    You are part of that good, Jen. <3

  2. Glad they were still there for you! They are pretty - and we sure can use anything to brighten the mood after last week.