Monday, April 22, 2013

what i like

this is what i like to read (but don't read that first book. it's depressing!)

this is what i like to listen to!!!


  1. Ha ha - we have the same library running at my house. My decorating books and magazines are starting to become an obsession! Read on, Jen :)

  2. yeah, i heard that Floral House was a real downer. and what a great song! i think i need that.... laura anon

  3. I loved Quartet in Autumn ... even if it is a tad depressing. (The female character who is very, very odd - reminded me of my MIL - talk about depressing!)

    1. oh dear!! yes, she certainly was an odd duck! i don't know, it was a good book, but i kept hoping they wouldn't end up so alone...i really like her other books though!