Friday, May 3, 2013

sewing marathon

the other day i came across this, and have been more than slightly obsessed with this quilt (and this blog!) ever since. i've been lying awake at night thinking about making a "low volume" quilt. that's special quilt language for a quilt made up of all pale and neutral colors. so wednesday i came up with this:

and started doing this:

we went to see steve earle last night, and i knew we would be getting home late, so i took today off and had a sewing marathon! my goal was to finish sewing up half of the top, and i did it!

great music on the turntable as i sewed!

great music last night!

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  1. Your fabrics are soooo beautiful! I love those little calicos, so much. And I see you also like the Monkees? That's my two favorite things, right there; flowered fabric quilts and the Monkees! Jennifer, we are simpatico.

    Your blog is beautiful. I'm going now to prowl around in your archives. :)