Monday, May 20, 2013


our friends joe and marj just built a wood-fired brick oven and invited us for their first try making pizza! we were honored as marj is just about the best cook you'll ever meet and we knew it would be goooooood! 

that oven is so cool. they figured it was about 1000 degrees inside. you start a wood fire in the middle of the oven , and when it is hot enough, you push the wood to the back of the oven and brush out all of the ash. then you throw in a handful of flour which gets really smoky, but it shows you where the hottest spots are. then throw in the pizza and it cooks up  fast!   washed down with some of joe's amazing home brew, deeeeee-licious! brian's face says it all!

thanks joe and marj!!! (let us know when you start doing take-out!)