Saturday, May 25, 2013

greening and growing

another drizzly day. one thing about the rainy weather is that i don't feel guilty sitting inside and stitching my quilt. i'd say i've probably finished quilting 300-ish squares out of 400! this morning i ran out of thread, so i'm on hold for a few hours at least...

things are growing and greening super fast around here. my big garden is already overgrown with the invasive plants that are taking it over. my gardening philosophy has turned into a survival of the fittest thing i guess...the smaller gardens i can keep up with better. the chickens also help and hinder, over-turning soil and leaving a wake of scratched up plants as they seek out bugs and worms. i just love to watch them, so i let them have their fun , and the garden just is what it is. it stills looks pretty, all wild and out of control.

i got tickets to see "the national" in a couple of weeks! sooooo excited!!

guess i better get the show on the road here-very lazy morning! have a great saturday!!!

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