Thursday, May 30, 2013

...and i get my life back

i can say i pretty much got lost in this quilt. i was DRIVEN to finish it! sunday night i finished the hand quilting, and tuesday i found the perfect color to bind it with. you know how you have a certain color in mind, and then you can never find it? well, i went to the fabric store and there it was. a kind of orange-y salmon-y red. thank you kaffe fasset!

so tuesday night i set to work binding the quilt, and , ta-da! it's done!


the quilt is made up of 4" squares, 20 squares x 22, about 80" x 84". i washed and dried it last night, and i love how it came out all crinkly, especially on the back. due to my "pinning together rush job", there were a few puckery places on the back. but now the whole thing looks wrinkly, so that's great!

i think violet's cooperation today was born of heat prostration (it was almost 90 degrees today!!!) rather than any desire to pose. poor girl!

excuse my color differences. i like that "retro" setting on my camera because it makes everything so soft looking, but the real color is more like the last photo.

now i can do things like mow the lawn and work in the garden...*yay*  (and maybe cook and clean...)

and, so exciting, one more day of work, then v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n!!!!!!!


  1. Absolutely stunning! I'm jealous.

  2. It's the perfect summer quilt. (And the perfect picture of the cat on the quilt ... they have such a talent for finding the best spot!)

  3. I really love this quilt. It is so pretty and charming and a fabulous example of low volume.

  4. Your quilt is just fantastic. You should be VERY proud of this one. I already love it!

  5. I would be staying in bed longer if I had a lovely quilt like that! Love the vintageness of your quilt.

  6. wow, that quilt is oh-so-pretty! it's absolutely perfect! love the light blue backing and the pop of pink binding. nice work!

    thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

    1. thank you amandajean!! i was thrilled to have a comment from you-your quilts are absolutely amazing!!! thank you for having the friday link-up-i love seeing everybody's work!