Sunday, November 17, 2013

pinecone garlands

this weekend's craft fair job was stringing pinecone garlands!

i made lots and looooots of garlands ( in between birthday celebrations, which were so much fun!!) i have been making these strings of pinecones and putting them around the house for a long time and always thought they'd be good to sell at craft fairs, but they become a tangled mess so easily. this year the lightbulb finally went off, and i realized that i should wrap them around a card, like christmas lights. duh!

so i made a little card and printed a sweet fabric onto card stock to wind them on. i found that awesome tin for displaying them down in the basement/vintage stuff museum...i'm really thinking about my displays this year-it makes a big difference when the table looks great.

so, now onto the next craft fair job. not much time left!

thanks to all of my family and friends that made my birthday so happy! xo

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