Friday, November 29, 2013

happy thanksgiving!

thanksgiving is truly my favorite holiday. i love getting out the fancy china and setting the table. i don't so much enjoy the cleaning, but i do love the clean house. so nice to spend time with wonderful family and friends. sad not to be with family who couldn't make it this year. and the food!!!

we got up early yesterday and started right in. we were feeling so ahead of the game when we lost power about three hours into cooking the turkey...that's fine, we thought. we still have gas. it will be very romantic to dine by candlelight!  but then we were noticing that we weren't hearing the oven cycling. the burners still worked, but i guess there is a safety feature that shuts down the oven. great! fortunately the power was restored about 45 minutes later and all was fine.

i forgot to take pictures of the food in all of the excitement, but i did get an after picture that kind of says it all :) !

hope you all enjoyed your thanksgiving day!!