Wednesday, November 28, 2012

put a bird on it 2

another visit with my favorite book, "birds of america", published in 1917. today, the chickadee!

"In winter especially, the Chickadee is the feathered small boy of the woods.  Like the Nuthatches and the Kinglets, frequently his companions, the Chickadee seems actually to enjoy a snowstorm, and announces the fact by language and actions the meaning of which are unmistakable.  In the bitterest weather he frolics and frisks from tree to tree, happy and care-free, laughing and joking.  Mr. Burroughs says that "the Chickadee has a voice full of unspeakable tenderness and fidelity", which is very faithful to the spirit of the utterance from which the bird is named.  This call is often abbreviated by the omission of the first two syllables, but the resulting dee, dee, dee , is a very sweet and pleasing little greeting."

though you may not always see them, if you stop for a moment, and listen, you will know that they are always there. the sweetest of all sweet creatures.

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  1. L-O-V-E chickadees. What a perfect description ... I need to find this book.