Tuesday, November 6, 2012

don't forget to vote!

the chickens' water sure was frozen this morning! 28 degrees when i went out. saw a bit of snow flurries yesterday! i wish i could say how warm i am inside, but i'll get to that...

so, yesterday was a sewing day. "i'll make a bunch of zip bags", i said. i've made these bags before, many of them. i can do zippers. i can! but  yesterday, i made every single mistake possible. the first bag i LITERALLY, no exaggeration, ripped out every single seam i sewed. i made every mistake from sewing the zipper in upside down, to sewing too close to the zipper teeth so the zipper wouldn't unzip! this i discovered after the bag was "DONE"!!!!! i would've thrown the whole thing in the trash if i hadn't been using such nice fabric. by the third bag i was doing ok, but all in all a seriously unpleasant sewing experience!

so, today. i have a timer set on the stove for 18 minutes. it reminds me to dump the water out of the bowl in the basement catching the water leaking out of the furnace. i can't run the heat. every 18 minutes i dump the water, reset the timer. fortunately the plumber should be here soon.....good times.

which brings us around to today's pictures. they represent the much more cooperative sport of knitting. yes, knitting has had unpleasant days too, but those were long ago and now forgotten. right now i am embracing the relaxing, sit-on-the-couch-under-a-blanket, gentle ways of mindless knitting. these fingerless gloves are for CRAFT FIX, the fair i'm doing at the end of the month. i will post all of that info soon, maybe when the zip bags come out of craft time out...

some days you just have to blast some rock 'n roll and dance around the kitchen. it really does help!

oh, and don't forget to VOTE!


  1. I love your blog Jennifer! I wish I was going to be in town for Craft Fix!!!

    Also- that Wolf Parade song rules, thanks for reminding me!

  2. thank you so much!!! too bad you can't make it to craft fix-such a good fair, and i love that song too-so good!!