Wednesday, November 14, 2012

coptic book binding

the other day i decided to make a new blank book. i sewed it together using the coptic binding method. there is a good instructional video here.

for the book covers i like to use old reader's digests. they had some beautiful designs.

you can use an assortment of different papers to make it more interesting!

i lined the insides of the covers with pages from an old french text book.

if you are lucky you have a nice brother who is a librarian and can get you these little sleeves from discarded library books! ( hi andy! )

then you can stick interesting things in them-photos, ticket stubs, poker money! this is a picture of my great grandparents.

these beauties are next! if you are interested in making one of these books, they really are not hard. they just take a bit of practice, especially getting the tension right with your sewing.

it's fun to make things-i really am happiest when i'm working on a project. anything! it just feels good to make something with your own two hands!


  1. I love these Jen! Where do I find the binding thread?

    1. i used to get the thread at tech products(now out of business), but i think you can find it at any art supply store, or certainly on line. the brand i used is "lineco". it comes waxed and non-waxed. i prefer the non-waxed, but a lot of people used the waxed. hope this is helpful...