Monday, November 26, 2012

socks and picked-up-ed-ness

the craft fair yesterday was a great success! so many people attended and it was so much fun! now i can relax and do things like: reading!! i do like getting ready for a fair, but there's a lot of making the same thing over and over. it will be nice to work on new projects!

i have to say that RARELY is the dining room uncluttered enough to photograph...that table is usually heaped with the daily accumulations: mail, keys,, i thought i should take advantage of the neatness and take a few pictures!

i always have a pair of socks going in my knitting bag. they are the perfect project to have on hand-mindless knitting for the most part until you reach the thrill of the heel! then it's smooth sailing on down to the toe! i enjoyed making these cable socks-a bit more interesting than my usual "go-to" ribbed pattern.

i got the beautiful tin box at a yard sale this summer-i love it!

happy monday to you!!


  1. Your house is so pretty! And I'm pretty sure it would take every one of my brain cells to make those socks ... knitting does not come naturally to me! Beautiful job.

    1. thank you barbara!! you could certainly knit those socks! i think the thing with knitting is you just have to really want to do it, then you can! also you have to like sitting down for long stretches of time, which doesn't bother me at all... perhaps your talents are better put to use making your putz house villages-i LOVED those!! thanks for the comment!!!