Thursday, January 30, 2014


i found this amazing quilt at an antique shop this weekend. everything in the shop was on sale, so this started at $16.00(!!!), and i got it for $9.00 on sale. wow!

it is all hand sewn and in perfect condition. no rips, stains or smells, and measures about 45" x 60". the fabrics are so beautiful. i want to finish it and am trying to think of how to quilt it...

i wonder who made this and why it was never finished?? what is the story this quilt has to tell?? now that it's in my hands i guess i will finish the story. i hope i do it justice!


  1. Such a fun quilt top! I wonder if it is made out of recycled clothing? It will be fun to see how you decide to finish it off.

    1. hmmm, that's very interesting.i bet it is made from old clothes! good thinking :)