Wednesday, January 8, 2014

34 down.........

8 MORE TO GO!!!!!

and in equally exciting news, i got myself an ipad mini, which is yes, EXCITING, but also extremely FRUSTRATING! i know i just have to figure things out, but i have never used apple computers before, and while some things are easy, others are not! like for instance, i can't figure out how to make a "_". i need to know this!! i feel like i make one tiny step forward and then 100 steps backward. i'm not very computer-y, but i suppose will get it eventually!

i hope you're keeping warm. it's been so weird here. literally (and i do mean LITERALLY. *side note* did you know that the dictionary is changing the meaning of "literally" because the word is so misused!? i think the meaning is now "figuratively". how crazy is that?? shouldn't people use the word correctly instead of changing the meaning??  anyway, that bugs me!!)

back to what i was saying! literally the temperature has been 0 degrees one day and 48 degrees the next! we are now back to cold, and all due to the "polar vortex", a term they are using to describe the cause of  this weather and which i like a lot! 

signing off now. happy hump day!!!


  1. I love your quilting, it is a great design and I LOVE the fabrics. I have a regular iPad and I very nearly took it back as I couldn't figure it out having never owned an Apple product. Two years later it is pretty much attached to me 24/7, I am lost with out it. I'm lucky I have three clever sons and the power of Google search when I couldn't figure it out! Don't give up on it, you will grow to love it.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Louise! It is pretty cool I have to say!

  3. Pretty squares, and I am LITERALLY beside myself at this news.

  4. i would love to see someone literally beside themselves !

  5. Exciting to see your progress on this quilt! We've had crazy weather down here in Virginia, too...and way to many snow days off school...we'll never get out this summer! Hooray on your iPad mini!! I'd love to get one of those :o)