Sunday, January 12, 2014

grey and red

we went out and took some pictures yesterday in the amazing fog! it was truly pea soup. almost 50 degrees, which is kind of unbelievable. it sure was pretty though!

i found that beautiful pendleton jacket for brian this summer at a yard sale. $5.00! it fits him perfectly.

so i've made some progress with my ipad. i am really loving instagram, and you can follow me there at "roscorichmond". i am also on flickr at "yellowhouse72".

enjoy your sunday! here the plan is housecleaning, but i hope to get in a bit of crafting as well! have fun!


  1. Mmmm red berries, fog and Pendleton love. Perfect. A January thaw.

  2. hello, that foggy photo looks like england , though i have to say that at the moment our weather isn't too bad at all. sunny and cold this morning.
    am intrigued by the pendleton jacket, i have never heard the term before and wonder if it refers to the fabric or the style ? here pendleton is a suburb of manchester and once featured in an advertising slogan for a " penldleton's twicer, ice cream with a lolly each end " . very tasty they were too !

    1. hi susan! "pendleton" refers to the pendleton woolen mills in portland, oregon. pendleton wool is very very nice and very expensive. they make beautiful plaid clothing and blankets, so it was a great find at $5.00! i love hearing about your pendleton ice cream! :) enjoy your lovely weather!