Sunday, January 26, 2014

getting there!

this is my sewing room so far! not the best photos in this afternoon light, but you can get the idea!  i borrowed a table from brian's studio that he hauled out of a dumpster at the museum where he works. it's the perfect size and free! the fabric curtain hides bags of fabric and assorted odds and ends.

it's been so nice sewing in my own spot and not having to disassemble everything when i finish! this layout is good for now. i still need to find a dresser of some kind, but that will give me something fun to look for. i found that little lamp in the middle of the table yesterday at an antique shop. it's the best-adjustable and bright!

i'll show you as i get the rest of the room together.

happy sunday!!


  1. It looks like a lovely bright space Jennifer. I love the sun on your work table.
    Jacquie x

  2. Pretty! I love all your antiques and vintage finds...I have a feeling you are going to looove sewing here!!!

  3. Wow Jen this is beautiful! Wouldn't have expected anything less from you :-)

  4. It looks so great! Isn't it fun to set up a room just to sew in? I expect you will spend many a happy moment here :o)