Saturday, January 18, 2014

a room for me!

 our house is small, and most of the time, for the two of us, that is fine. however, with two people who like to scavenge flea markets and make things, there are certain challenges, especially finding room for craft supplies. i have books and boxes and bags full of cloth, yarn, vintage ephemera, you name it stashed all over the house wherever there is an empty spot, and the empty spots are dwindling!

so, we are always talking about solutions. should we add on? should we tear down the garage and outbuilding and build a separate studio space to share? should we just get a bigger house????? OR, for a simple fix, maybe just convert the guest room into a workroom. and that is what we are going to do!

our guest room rarely sees a guest. it is mostly where violet sleeps, and a repository for stray clothes. the stray clothes are going to be a bit of a problem as we have exactly ONE small closet in the whole house!  time to weed out and get rid of the things we haven't worn in years! the bed will go too (but be saved because i love it!) and then i can set up a sewing room! i am so excited! i have been collecting things like shelves, storage tins and boxes for years for "when i have a studio", and they've all been in the basement and now i can use them!! yay!

here are some dream studio inspirations...

i love this one

this one is great!

love the 4th one on this page

i will show you how things are progressing! have a great weekend!!!


  1. Great idea! I can't wait to see it when its finished.

  2. Exciting!!! I like the rooms that you linked too a lot. Looking forward to seeing your progress.