Wednesday, January 1, 2014

happy 2014!!

here's what new year's eve looked like here! yup, pretty darn exciting. cribbage and champagne, but actually i wouldn't have wanted it any different!

i hope you're not growing too weary of the x and + square countdown. here are 27, 28, 29 and 30! after laying it all out i have decided that i only need 12 more squares!!!!! oh yeah, make that 13 because i withdrew one. i'm not liking the yellows (and here i've done another with yellow, but it's ok), so i may have to rethink a few squares.

i also did a lot of mitten knitting this morning, and here it is 3:00 and i am not even dressed... at this point i may not even bother! ( maybe my new year's resolution should be to get dressed on my days off :) ).

look at this sweeeeeeeeet vintage fabric that i got from a trade with a flickr friend! i just love it! so, hey, denyse schmidt, if you're looking for a new fabric design, i think a reproduction of this one would be the best!!! (because i know denyse schmidt is out there reading my blog-hahahahahaha!)

happy 2014 to you all!


  1. happy new year to you too ! my celebrations were of the quieter kind, prosecco and playing with my 2 year old grand daughter figured heavily until she went home to bed and we ate home made sausage rolls and chicken wings cooked up by son number 4.
    i do like the new quilt you have on the go, it looks pretty and very complicated indeed. i finished quilting my latest, a medallion quilt while watching the new series of 'sherlock' which began last night. i do the whole thing by hand from pieceing onwards because machine sewing really makes my back hurt, and in fact i find it really easy and comfy on the sofa feet up !!
    your photo's throughout the blog are really good and a delight for the eye and i wish i knew how to do it like that.
    the vintage fabric is lovely indeed, can you not send DS that pic to encourage her...
    all the best for 2014. susan x

    1. thank you, susan! wow, that's a lot of work doing the piecing by hand too! i really enjoy hand quilting, also for the sitting on the couch aspect :) i haven't seen sherlock-maybe i'll give it a look!