Thursday, December 12, 2013

winter love

when i am driving to work in the mornings i always make great plans for what i'm going to do when i get home, usually involving sewing and making something for supper. i should know better...i never have much energy left after work,  especially with it getting dark so early. well, i have good intentions anyway, and thankfully brian likes to cook, or we'd have toast for supper every night.....

it's damn cold today. i went out to see the chickens when i got home with a big bag of leftover pasta from work which they love, but they'd already gone up to roost. poor chilly girls! i have 4, and three of them were all piled on top of the laying box and one was left alone on the perch! i wish they'd all stay together. i'll warm up the pasta and give it to them for breakfast. they'll like that.

i do love these cold, dark days. i love being in the cozy warm house with my pets and brian, going to sleep under so many blankets i'm afraid i'm going to put my back out when i turn over sometimes! i love the warm colors of the lamplit rooms, the beautiful blue of the sky through the windows before the sun goes down. candles and tea and comfort food.  this is my time of the year and i'm enjoying every day of it!

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  1. winter is my time of year too, i do not like sitting or anything else in the sun, which as i live in the north of england is a pretty good thing !
    and that bed looks very come hither... mine calls out to me, actually sings, at this time of year.