Thursday, December 5, 2013

warm and cozy


that's what it's all about for me. blankets, pillows, curtains, rugs, tablecloths. they make the house so warm and cozy and interesting to look at. and easy to change!

speaking of warm and cozy, now that the cold weather is upon us, "cocktail hour" (or i should say, "my one drink after dinner that pretty much makes me useless and puts me to sleep"...) is something i look forward to! my favorite drink right now is a white russian. yummmmmm! ah yes, useless and sleepy!

what is your favorite wintertime drink?


rest in peace nelson mandela.


  1. The sight of all those lovely textiles (and the thought of a nice drink) ... very nice on this terribly cold night! Hope you weather this latest storm!

    1. hi barbara!! 2 degrees here...nice to hear from you! happy new year!