Thursday, December 26, 2013

post-holiday laziness

i'm so lucky to have today off!!  time to rewind after the busy day yesterday. we had such a nice christmas with two families, a new cat and a new dog to meet, wonderful food, gifts and most importantly it was so good to spend time with everyone.

today i have been half-heartedly working on a couple of projects. i cut out fabric for two quilt squares, but didn't really feel like sewing them together and did a bit of crocheting and thinking about new things to make. i am just starting on the heel of the socks i'm knitting, so that's something! mostly i've been watching the huge fluffy snowflakes fall outside and just enjoying the day.

my niece made me the beautiful star and the plate with our shared intials on it. (we are both JAR's!) such sweet gifts!

i guess i should GET DRESSED, ahem, and get out there and do a bit of shoveling.

happy boxing day!!


  1. Great pictures! Love the single christmas cactus blossom.

  2. Love the blues and oranges