Monday, December 9, 2013

thrifty jackpot!


a while back i found this AMAZING vintage fabric at the flea market. SIX whole yards and in great shape!!

 i was thinking i'd use it to back a quilt, but it's so nice i might put it together with these two other vintage fabrics that i haven't had the heart to cut into and make a whole cloth quilt. gears are churning!

in the meantime it's plenty of rest and hot tea to knock out this cold that i've finally gotten. yuck!

happy monday to you all!


  1. Beautiful fabric Jen! I know how difficult it can be to cut into fine fabric like that. Just think of the great useable product you'll have when you're finished! Now put down that White Russian and make yourself a Hot Toddy for your cold <3

    1. haha! can't have the white russian tonight. the dairy would do me in! i am definitely checking out the hot toddy recipe-thanks, ginny :)

  2. The red roses on the blue field are my favorite :) So you're going to make a quilt with all three of those? They look like they were made to be together! What a find!