Saturday, December 14, 2013

sewing day, waiting for snowing day!

a very nice woman who knows i like to sew came into the bakery the other day and said she was cleaning out her attic and had a box of fabric for me. words i love to hear!! some of the fabric was straight out of the eighties and i love it!! here it is:

that black one on the right is soooooo great! reminds me of this, which i need to get!

that one above i found at the thrift shop for 26 cents! 1970's for sure!

so i worked today on my x and + quilt and used some of these fabrics. i'm at 26 squares now. 23 to go.....

lots of snow predicted for tonight and tomorrow. yay!!!!!!!!!

hope you're warm and cozy and enjoying your weekend!!


  1. Oooh lucky!!! I am an eighties girl at heart - loove the fabric. The x and + blocks are looking fantastic.

  2. What a wonderful gift, your quilts are looking great!

  3. Ahhhhh, working in a bakery and quilting in your cute little house ... what could be finer ! Lovely.