Saturday, February 2, 2013

pyrex love

the first thing i ever bought at a flea market is that stripey pink pyrex bowl up there. i went with my friends roger and kelly. we would go on sunday mornings and then go back to their house and they would cook up a delicious breakfast feast!

i've been hooked ever since and am looking forward to those first early spring days when the snow has mostly melted and those hardy souls will set up their tables.  i'll be there!

i hope you'll check out kelly's blog to see gorgeous flower photos that will make you think spring is right around the corner!


  1. pretty! I see you have "New Basics." I'm making Italian chili from that today for the Super Bowl.

  2. PYREX!!!! These are them. Disregard comment on later blog. I'm working backwards. If you ever want to downsize, I'll take a couple bowls ;)