Friday, February 8, 2013

it's a blizzard!

i thought i'd better post early today in case we lose power. it's sure coming down!! we're expecting up to two feet-yay! it's quite beautiful out there, and nice and warm in here. i have lots of projects to keep me busy and hope to get out snow shoeing tomorrow.

i'm also going to make a bunch of meatballs. there was a restaurant in portsmouth, nh called "rosa's" that i used to love. they were open for 80 years (!) and made the BEST meatballs ever! i was really sad when they closed. i ran into the chef a while back and asked if there was any way i could get that meatball recipe, and he gave it to me! i was so happy! so, rosa's meatballs it is! i can't wait!

keep safe if you have to go out, and enjoy the blizzard!

1 comment:

  1. He gave you the meatball recipe!! Thats so cool!
    Care to share?
    It was nice seeing you the other the blur of chasing a one year old around. He doesnt really let me just sit and chat.
    Happy snow day!