Sunday, February 10, 2013

ayuh, it snowed!

this was saturday morning, while  snow was still falling! the town next to us reported 32"- it was very hard to tell how many inches we got because of the crazy drifting! i walked out yesterday and into a thigh high drift! brian had suggested i bring the snowshoes into the house on friday "because you might not be able to get to the garage", he said, , to which there was a bit of eye rolling, but he was right! i would never have gotten out to the chicken coop without them.

i balled up some yarn for a thrilling upcoming event!!! stay tuned!!!!!

i shoveled some serious tunnels! thankfully the snow was light and fluffy-perfect snow!

finished mom's socks. hi mom!! (and dad!)

 played with dishes!

i hope you enjoyed the blizzard too!

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