Wednesday, February 27, 2013

new sweater for rosco and a winter wonderland!

this was our yard at about 6:00 a.m. on monday. absolutely gorgeous!  today's weather can be described in one word: Y-U-C-K! slushy rain................

a couple of years ago i started this sweater for rosco. i was "winging it" , so to speak, and got it 99% finished and decided it wasn't quite right,  and put it away. the yarn is beautiful NORO, japanese yarn that i got at an odd shop that used to sell model trains and......yarn. an unusual combination. they were getting rid of the yarn section and selling it all 1/2 price, which was very nice, and the only reason i would be knitting a dog sweater with NORO!

i found the sweater the other day and made a couple of adjustments, and i think it came out pretty good! rosco was being completely uncooperative having his picture taken...i would love to know what goes on in that little mind of his. he hates having his picture taken! but he's happy to wear the sweater, so that's o.k.!

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