Saturday, February 16, 2013

it's a GIVEAWAY!!!

i had big ideas for some lovely pictures of this sweet garland for today's giveaway. however, leaving the house this afternoon to take said lovely pictures, i closed the locked door behind me and then realized that i had no, i spent the afternoon locked out of the house and with no car keys, and let's just say the afternoon did no go as planned. ahem.

ANYhoo, this is my 100th POST!!!!!!!!!!!  for the occasion, i am having a

                                                GARLAND GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!

in order to have a chance for the drawing,  please leave a comment here on this blog post by friday, february 22nd. i will choose and announce the lucky winner NEXT SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd!!!!!!!!!

thanks to everyone who takes a look at my blog, i really appreciate it! make your comment, and good luck!


  1. ((((((hope I get it, hope I get it)))))

  2. meee! LOVE THE SHEENA.

  3. 100 posts - here's to the next 100! (and toss my name in the hat!)

  4. I bought one at Craft Fix but gave it as a Christmas gift. Love the colors and love your blog.

  5. This is all very exciting! Hope I am the lucky recipient! Happy 100th post.

  6. Pleeze baby pleeze. cwoodman

  7. Give it to me! I will carry it from Georgia as a promotion for your blog! (Previous statement may not be true)

  8. crossing my toes, my eyes, my fingers....even if I do not win I would like to purchase some!

    1. Jen ...That ^ is me! Celeste

  9. love your garlands! l would deck my halls with them!