Saturday, March 29, 2014

two exciting things!!


first of all, my camper is in another magazine! a couple of years ago a crew came and photographed our house and the camper for magazines that focused on "flea market style". i didn't  know that they'd used the photos again for this magazine. thanks for the heads up cheryl and celeste!

and.......TA DA!! i finished my sweater! i have to say it is a bit on the "roomy" side...when i first tried it on my heart sank as it didn't fit as i had imagined. so that whole night i kept waking up thinking "i'll just rip it all out and start over". yuck! but the next morning i tried it on again and decided it's not so bad after all. it's so soft and comfortable, and i just love the color!  i should've gone down a size i think, but it is definitely wearable. i enlisted brian for the "photo shoot" in our ever-so-lovely spring backyard, grey snow and mud. but that will soon be gone! 

i really enjoyed knitting this! i'm glad to be done so i can move on to other projects which have been percolating...

i hope you are enjoying your weekend!!!!!!!!!


  1. Such fun to have your camper appear in a magazine ;o) It is so cute! You're right about the beautiful color of your sweater! It looks lovely :o)

  2. awesome. awesome. that sweater is gorgeous!

  3. and you made it into the premiere issue. ooooh la la

  4. Looks just right Jen, not too bulky.

  5. The sweater looks great! Hope you got the residuals check from the new mag...