Friday, April 4, 2014

x and + quilt tada!

i finally finished my japanese x and plus quilt! two big finishes in one week. if feels good to be able to move on to new projects, maybe a little smaller scale...

i used this pretty peach fabric for the binding. i sometimes like to do a scrappy binding, but this quilt is so ULTRA scrappy already that i thought one color would be best!

i did patch together a few of my favorite fabrics for the backing. the cotton batting that i used was a b*#ch to quilt through, but i do like how it looks after being washed and dried, all soft and puckery.  my initial feeling after finishing this quilt was that it is just TOO much, but now after seeing it for a few days, it's growing on  me.

i wanted to post this today so that i can link up with amanda jean. if you haven't read her blog and you love quilts,  get right over there!!

violet says "happy friday to you all!!!"


  1. Wow, it's gorgeous Jennifer, I don't think it's too's such a happy sight and Violet is very sweet.
    Jacquie x

  2. Oh Jennifer! This quilt is not "too much" at is a glorious compilation of color and brings a smile to my face :o) Your hand quilting looks so small undertaking!

    I just noticed that Violet has one green eye and one blue!

  3. lovely scrappy quilt ! it's great to finish isn't it ? and I don't know about you but my brain is always whirring with the next one while I am putting in the final stitches.
    You have been very busy what with that and getting that knitted hoodie finished, that looks great too and you did it so fast !
    what will you do next ???

    1. thank you susan! i have started two new projects, one small and one could be big, or not...will post soon! what are you working on??