Sunday, April 27, 2014

spring in here!

my favorite flower in the garden (and i use that term loosely...tangled patch of plants is more like it at this point!) is blooming now. blood root is such a lovely little plant, and it's so nice that it blooms very early in the spring. every night the flower closes back up, and the leaf wraps around it for protection, such a charming habit!

also, i finished another pillow top. i'm loving making this popcorn pattern. it looks cool and has a nice texture. fun!

happy rainy sunday! i hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods!!


  1. those flowers are lovely, i don't think they grow over here. anyway i have no idea what they are, whether they are wildflowers or something lush that you planted, they are very pretty. [erm, i just re read your words with attention ! blood roots !! an odd name for something so un blood like.]
    you are cracking on with the crochet, are you going for a full new set of spring cushions ?

  2. Hi Susan! Yes I'm on a roll with these pillows. On my 4th one today! When I like making something I just want to make a million. Maybe I'll bring some to this years' craft fairs. I like that term "cracking on" :)

  3. hello ! lovely to hear from you. i am the same way making things, i think you have to get it out of your system, like a disease ! and when it's over.... it really is over.
    to crack on with something is probably northern english slang but i think is used more generally all over this country these days. we love american slang over here and "breaking bad" has had an influence !

  4. I love those spring flowers in your garden, I wish we had them here. Spring has arrived here too, finally, but this week has been crazy wet and we're under a flood watch. I love the popcorn stitch on your cushion, I might have to make one for myself.