Sunday, March 23, 2014

95% done!

i am BLOCKING!!! blocking! yes!!! so close to being done, and i've tried it on, and i think it's going to fit! yay!!! BUT, after the blocking process comes a dreadful and hideous step called "picking up 397 stitches" around the whole front and hood. holy cow that is going to suck! but, then i'll do the ribbing and be done! i'm racing against mother nature here. must be done before the nice weather arrives, so hopefully i'll have it done this week when the polar vortex makes it's return. tick, tick, tick!

in the meantime...

back to work on my quilt. for some reason this has been the hardest quilt to stitch. it must be the cotton batting. i can't remember the brand which is unfortunate because i never want to buy it again!! SO hard to quilt through! instead of being able to do a few stitches in one pass, it's one stitch at a time, and very difficult......but the good news is i'm almost finished. plugging along!

happy sunday to you all!!!

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