Monday, March 17, 2014

frank's bargain center

this weekend i made a trip home to visit my parents as my mother was going to be in the hospital for a few days(nothing serious thankfully!), and to spend some time with my father.

whenever i go home i must make a visit to frank's bargain center.

this place is incredible! it's huge and filled with anything you can imagine craft and sewing-wise. when you walk in, there is a bin on the counter full of scraps of fabric, and i can usually find some vintage goodies in there, like the ones i've shown above. frank has a bit of actual vintage fabric and also newer fabrics at discount prices. there are shelves and shelves of old craft books and supplies for crafts i've never even heard of!

yesterday i found a bag full of vintage pieces for a quilt that was never made. all of the little pieces are fussy cut to perfectly display the patterns on the fabrics. too bad whoever did all of this work didn't get to see the finished quilt... there were several bags and i got the smallest which had probably 75 pieces. i was very tempted to get them all, but the thought of all the handsewing that would be required to finish this quilt was just too much. i may work on these, but most likely i'll just admire pretty!

i have spent every spare moment working on my sweater. i want to finish it before it gets too warm to wear it, but with the temps as they were this morning (10 degrees!) i probably won't have to worry :)


  1. They are gorgeous Jennifer, I'd love to visit Franks bargain centre , sounds like a fab place.
    Hope your Mum is doing well.
    jacquie x

  2. thank you, jacquie! mom is back home and all is well. :)

  3. wow you really cracked on with your knitting ! very impressed.
    frank's bargain centre looks great, lots of temptation there.
    glad your mum is home and well again.