Monday, August 5, 2013

the BIG flea market

yesterday we went to the BIG flea market, in rowley, mass. at todd farm. usually when we go to the flea market, we go to arundel, maine which is much closer, but also much smaller. so rowley was fun and PACKED with vendors and buyers!

i basically love every single item in that first photo, but i also basically HAVE every single item on that table in some color, shape or size. that's my favorite stuff right there! had to use restraint!! lots of good dog-watching at the flea market, but i really don't know how much the dogs enjoy the crowds and the heat...they're sure cute, though!

i did find some pretty good treasures:

i got this sweet old cuckoo clock! it doesn't work, but i  love it anyway! i made the little string of pinecones to hang from the bottom. i would hang a string of pinecones on just about everything if i could! i loooove the bird on the top, and inside is a little bluebird! it's probably just as well that it doesn't work, because i remember my grandmother had a cuckoo clock and it kind of made you crazy when you stayed overnight!

 ka-pow!! love this-handpainted by "marie".

a successful day!

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  1. Love, love, love that clock! I think I'd like a working one (for about 24 hours).