Thursday, August 8, 2013

birthdays and bridges

there's brian preparing his own birthday cheeseburger...he makes them SO much better than i do! we've been having the best corn-on-the-cob! i want it every night, and the chickens LOOOOOVE the cobs. they go nuts! i think i'll buy them their own ears next time, so they have whole kernels to pick at.

the new memorial bridge connecting kittery, maine and portsmouth, nh opened today! we've been anticipating the opening for quite some time, and i got to drive over it! i didn't think they had opened the bridge to cars yet(people were saying just bikes and pedestrians), so i took the next bridge up, looked over and saw cars, and looped around and drove over the new bridge! it's so beautiful (unfortunately i didn't have my camera). the guys who worked on that bridge ate at the bakery where i work a lot, and we got to know them. they even brought us flowers one day! they were working 7 days a week for a long time and in the worst weather conditions. congratulations to them for finishing up such a monumental project almost on time!!! they must be happy to be done!

and happy thursday to you!


  1. My aunt & uncle live in Durham and we went to visit Portsmouth one day this summer to tour Strawberry Field. That must not be too far from you. I saw a lot or construction...I wonder if some of it was this new bridge...

    1. so funny-i work one block from strawbery banke! and i went to college in durham. you most likely did see the bridge construction as strawbery banke is just steps from the bridge! i hope you weren't here when it was so hot...