Tuesday, August 13, 2013

kelly's studio and a good yard sale!

i went over to my friends' kelly and roger's house this weekend. they have the most wonderful place, GORGEOUS gardens, amazing collections of flea market finds, chickens, dogs. they should charge admission!

kelly is a very talented artist, using all sorts of found objects to create mobiles, sculptures and collages. here are a few shots of his very eclectic studio! fascinating objects everywhere you look!

because it was right around noon time, my shots of the garden were not very good, but we did see this little guy. hi mr. mantis!

kelly is like the praying mantis whisperer!

earlier in the day i went to a big yard sale and got some great treasures:


a cute chick-a-dee picture in a nice old frame!!!

a big stangl platter(sorry for the drying-in-the-dish-rack picture...) i used to collect stangl, and this was a great deal at $1.00!!!!!!

and another really bad photo, but this cool chair, really really cheap! i have a thing for chairs. whenever i see a good chair for cheap, i have to buy it. then when it falls apart i have plenty of spares. you know, with the two of us you just need to have enough chairs for an army...

a fun weekend! lots of sewing and knitting coming up soon!


  1. I love that chair! It looks like it's in great shape.

    1. hi barbara! it is really nice-a few cat claw picks on the back side, but who sees the back?

  2. Wicked fun visit, Jen! Love your yard sale finds. Yikes! Is my studio really that messy?