Sunday, August 18, 2013

garden gone wild!

oh, my garden!! what a big chaotic mess! basically this is because i do  n-o-t-h-i-n-g  in the garden.....i started off great guns here years ago, but i just made the garden too big, and i have to admit i'd much rather sew or knit than work in the garden...very very bad gardener!!

but, there are still some pretty flowers out there. the tough ones. the taker-over-ers. i love those japanese anemones, the little pink fairy flowers. so dainty and airy. and then there's the TALL,  INVASIVE heliopsis(although someone told me they aren't heliopsis, so i don't know). if you ever have a spot you want to fill up fast, plant those! i pull that out by the handfuls in the spring and still it's everywhere!

i hope you're enjoying this beautiful august weekend. such perfect summer weather lately! happy sunday!


  1. Wiki intertoobz sez "heliopsis scabra." bc

  2. What a beautiful garden, I love all your flowers and
    I could do with some of them here, our garden is very green at the moment and a bit boring apart from the trusty old buddleias.

    I should have realised you had a blog, off to explore further...

  3. It looks like a happy mess :o) I used to garden all the time...but, got so tired of being bitten up by bugs, and fighting drought. Now my yard needs a lot of attention to bring it back into shape.

  4. I love your garden! The weather has been perfect here, too. Glad you're enjoying your August!